Digital Twin is a multi-disciplinary, multi-physical quantity, multi-scale and multi-probability simulation process that makes full use of physical model, sensor update, operation history and other data, and completes mapping in virtual space, so as to reflect the whole life cycle process of corresponding physical equipment.

As the basis of digital twinning, digital prototype is the virtual entity of physical prototype under the concept of digital twinning. It refers to the information model in the virtual space of computer that is completely equivalent to the physical entity. Users can realize the analysis, prediction and improvement of physical entity with the help of historical data and real-time data on this basis.

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Digital Prototype Solution: SkyEye+ModelCoder+ other simulation softwares +DigiThread

In large scale complex system, there are many subsystems covering different disciplines with clear division of labor. The collaboration and union between models is very important to build a safe and reliable digital prototype of physical system.

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Case: Digital satellite

Through system-level architecture analysis, subsystems are split and simulation models of different subsystem modules are established. By DigiThread, distributed models are united through simulation softbus based on DDS communication, so as to complete the construction of digital prototype in the satellite field, that is, digital satellite. The real satellite operation data can be simulated in super real-time in the digital satellite, and the simulation results can be presented by visual application to analyze and predict the future trend of the real satellite, which helps users to make subsequent decisions and optimize the physical entity.

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