DigiThread is an integrated platform for multi-disciplinary and multi-domain co-simulation of different simulation models. Its distributed characteristics can fully schedule computing resources of each compute node in the network, improving simulation efficiency. DigiThread uses an open architecture that allows FMI-supported simulation software to be connected and connected to SkyEye simulation environment, enabling full-system digital simulation.


Application Scenario

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Main Functions

  • Support single step, stop, pause simulation process, simulation model simulation state visualization.

  • Supports graphical drag and drop design of connection relationships between co-simulation models.

  • Support variable step size/fixed step size simulation solution.

  • Support multi-user, multi-node concurrent simulation, each solution tasks do not affect each other, improve the efficiency of the solution.

  • Support the scheduling and resource allocation of simulation computing nodes.

  • Dynamic display of each simulation model individual calculation step length time (including the solution of the built-in visual designer for the design of simulation results display interface).


Supported Multiple Simulation Models

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