Focusing on the digital transformation of security critical areas, Digiproto follows the neutral and open business philosophy, is committed to core industrial software research, provides embedded DevOps, MBSE and digital equipment products and solutions for security critical areas, in order to build the full life cycle of Digital Twin.

The founding team and core technology team are from the Institute of Systems Software & Software Engineering of the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University. The open source projects initiated by the team include SkyEye, L2C, Android_S2E, etc.

A series of embedded DevOps and MBSE simulation and modeling products with independent innovation and design of Digiproto involve the demand, design, development and simulation test of high-end equipment, and have been successfully applied in C919, aircraft engine, manned spaceflight, Mars probe, nuclear power plant, ship, automobile, rail communication and other fields. It provides an efficient design and development environment based on computer, and solves the problems such as high cost of building hardware environment, difficult resource scheduling and long R&D cycle during the development and testing of high-end equipment software.

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