Automotive system simulation



As the "car brain", the virtual ECU (electronic control unit) has stronger reusability than the traditional ECU. On-board operating system, drivers and upper applications can run in the virtual ECU based on SkyEye without any modification, effectively shortening the development cycle of the vehicle.


2.Automotive BMS controller simulation

Processor type: TriCore

The simulated BMS controller based on SkyEye involves Infineon TC377, CAN bus and sensor equipment, and can run the real BMS controller program without any modification.


3.Vehicle virtual calibration

Processor type: NXP MPC

SkyEye can simulate the NXP MPC series chip, run the real ECU software, and establish the connection between the virtual CAN bus and the INCA upper computer, which solves the problems existing in the real calibration scene such as the limited experimental environment, high test cost, and difficult to cover the test situation. At the same time, combined with DigiThread and virtual physics model, it can meet the needs of semi-closed loop simulation of various systems in the automotive field.


4. Automobile Fuzz test

SkyEye simulation platform can be integrated with Fuzz tools. Based on simulation technology, the tested software runs on SkyEye without modification. Combined with Fuzz tool, engineers can find and analyze the security vulnerabilities of hardware drivers through hardware fault injection function, and also find and analyze the security vulnerabilities of software layer by combining Fuzz technology.

Aircraft system simulation


1.Simulation of large-scale avionics system

Processor: FT2000、TMS320C6678

SkyEye can provide ICP system with multi-aircraft multi-function target system environment. It adopts distributed deployment mode and cross-links various airborne electronic subsystems together through multi-channel data transmission bus to realize information measurement, acquisition, transmission, processing, monitoring and display functions, and complete flight control, engine control, navigation, performance management and other tasks.


2.Simulation of aircraft display control system

Processor: FT2000、FTM6678、MPC8641D

The airborne display control system assumes the functions of centralized display and task management of avionics system, so that pilots can obtain and manage the required information efficiently and reduce the workload of pilots effectively. The simulation of the GPU JM7200 of SkyEye aircraft display control system is realized by intercepting the target program and calling the API of OpenGL and translating it to the host computer to run, and the host computer's GPU capability is mobilized to carry out paravirtualization simulation of the target computer's GPU. The simulation technology of virtualization enables the development and design phase to be free from the bondage of GPU hardware and effectively shorten the system design cycle.

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3.Simulation of FMS and FCS

Processor type: PPC755, FT2000, DSP6713

SkyEye can quickly build simulated FMS and FCS, by which users can test the sub-functions of the system through the upper computer software. By driving the cooperative operation of computer hardware model and software model, the automatic testing and verification of computer model can be completed, the development cycle shortened and the hardware cost reduced.


4.ICD test

Processor type: FT2000AHK

In this case, the ICD tool is integrated into the test host computer and interacts with the SkyEye simulation model through the ICD data bus. Users can customize the ICD tool message field to realize the targeted testing of aircraft sub-functions based on SkyEye, which is conducive to process analysis and troubleshooting.


5.Simulation of inertial navigation system

Processor: C6713

In the process of navigation system design, it usually needs the simulation data of various sensors in various environments to accurately test the advantages and disadvantages of the system initial alignment, attitude algorithm, integrated navigation system filter, etc. SkyEye uses the virtualization simulation platform to build the hardware model of inertial navigation system. Software engineers can use SkyEye to run the control program of the inertial navigation system in real time before the completion of the design of the hardware platform, and debug the inertial navigation algorithm accurately even in the absence of hardware.

Satellite system simulation


1.Load system simulation

Processor type: Loongson 1E

SkyEye has implemented full digital simulation of the space station payload software based on embedded processors such as AT697 and Loongson, supporting the code to run on a virtual simulation platform, while supporting test tasks such as code quality analysis.


2.Simulation of satellite attitude and orbit control system

Processor: SPARC

SkyEye can integrate with SystemC for timing simulation, and can integrate with MATLAB/Simulink for multi-domain co-simulation.

Rail transit system simulation


1.Digital system simulation of rail transit communication

Processor type: MCF54418

SkyEye supports the construction of multi-VCU target machine integration system. Users can build a rail transit digital system based on SkyEye simulation platform to verify the data validity of multiple compute node application system configuration, so as to quickly and efficiently realize the iterative development and test verification of the system, and achieve highly reliable continuous integration.

Ship system simulation


1.Modular level hardware and software integration simulation of underwater acoustic equipment

Processor type: P2020, Cortex-M4F, FT-M6678, FT2000AHK, Loongson 2K

SkyEye supports the construction of underwater acoustic equipment module level simulation system, supporting DSP, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS and other architectures of processor models and a variety of device interface models.

Engine system simulation


1.Simulation of motor model

Processor: TLE987x

SkyEye can cooperate with Simulink and DigiThread to simulate motor models, quickly debug and locate motor and processor runtime problems, and reduce development costs. In this case, MATLAB software is used to establish a Simulink dynamic model to simulate the running logic of the motor. SkyEye software is used to build SoC model to imitate the running logic of the chip. DigiThread controls run timing and data interaction between Simulink models and SkyEye models, and provides a parameter monitoring interface.


2.Simulation of aeroengine control system

Processor: MPC5554

SkyEye simulates a real aero-engine control system. The whole system includes two master control, two servos and a health monitoring system. SkyEye simulation platform simulates the hardware and customized peripherals of the whole system, including the complex bus of aviation 659, 1394, 1553B, so as to establish the connection with the command and data monitoring host computer.