Nuclear Autonomous Security Level Code Generator

ModelCoder can build data flow model and state machine model of nuclear DCS system, which can "brake" in case of nuclear power plant accident, ensure reactor safety and conduct post-accident detection. The data flow model can be built by graphical front-end drag-and-drop to collect temperature, waste heat and other data. The state machine model realizes the control of system state through the data collected by data flow model.

In addition to the basic Lustre base operator, the data stream model also contains extended higher-order operators and structural operators. Code generation tools can automatically generate highly secure and reliable C code by formal verification.

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▲Code generation architecture diagram

ECU Development

ModelCoder is suitable for the development of automotive ECUs, enabling modeling, simulation and testing of powertrain (engine, transmission, axle, hydraulic) and complete vehicle. Users can use the base module library to build different types of powertrain models such as gasoline/diesel engine, drive motor, transmission assembly, battery pack and controller.

In addition to features such as design tradeoff analysis, component selection, control parameter optimization and testing, ModelCoder allows you to customize and modify model data. You can manually modify the parameters of the reference application component to its own data or encapsulate the original subsystem as a custom module. Custom components can be shared with other users and reused during vehicle development.

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▲Subsystem replacement in the model based on ModelCoder

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▲Optimization of control parameters in automotive ECU development