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Graphical Modeling Editor

1. Achieve hierarchical model management through the encapsulation of signals and subsystems.

2. Support mixed modeling of data flow model and state machine model.

3. Support model function decomposition.

4. Support model segmentation.

5. Support version management.


Model Library

1. Support continuous and discrete dynamic system modules.

2. Support a variety of algorithm modules, such as addition, multiplication and table lookup module.

3. Support a variety of structural modules, such as mux, switch and signal, bus selection.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Model Signal & Parameter Management

1. Data types containing signals and parameters: single/double floating point, 8, 16, and 32-bit integers (signed or unsigned), fixed-point numbers, and Boolean data.

2. Dimension including signal and parameter: scalar, vector, matrix.

3. Range of values including signals and parameters.


Reliable Code Automatic Generation

1. The generated code is consistent with the syntactic semantics of the model.

2. Different data types in the inheritable model.

3. Support C code generation for various embedded systems.