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Motor control system simulation

DigiThread can be combined with SkyEye and Simulink to realize the simulation of motor control system, fast debugging and positioning of motor and control chip running problems, reducing development costs. The building steps of the simulation model in this case are as follows:

1. Establish the dynamics model of Simulink with MATLAB to simulate the running logic of the motor;

2. Use SkyEye to simulate the running logic of the control chip and establish a virtual hardware model;

3. Once the models are built, developers can use DigiThread to control the runtime and data interaction between the two, and get faster feedback through a visual parameter monitoring interface.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Aircraft electromechanical system simulation

Complex electromechanical systems include hydraulic system, fuel system, electrical system, environmental control system, dynamics system, etc. At present, complex and professional multi-field modeling cannot be completed in a single simulation software. Through the distributed simulation softbus, DigiThread can connect SkyEye, Simulink, Saber, Amesim, Fluent and other simulation software in different computers, and promote timing synchronization and data communication through the unified scheduling mechanism, thus realizing the co-simulation of complex electromechanical systems.